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» Tuesday, December 19, 2006

NeoCon Censure

Covering Their Trail

Flynt Leverett, an ex-Bush Administration Official stirred up this latest nest of NeoCon last ditch efforts to hide their inept and incompetent handling of foreign policy.   Elliot Abrams censured Leverett's op-ed that was to be presented in the N.Y. Times.

Far from toning down the damage from his remarks, it has brought public attention to the NeoCons persistance to cover their trail of horrors.   Most importantly it is opening a dialog with members of the new Congress as to who is doing what and why and how they are going to go about regaining oversight of an Executive Branch that has evolved into Bush's Unitary President, A NeoCon Loose Canon.   A Canon that has persistantly defaced our Constitution and eroded our Personal Liberties.

Bush White House Censors Op-Ed on Iran

- Elliot Abrams Must Go - by Juan Cole

That does it. Elliot Abrams must go. Elliot Abrams is a felon. He was involved in stealing Pentagon weapons from US stockpiles, selling them to the Ayatollah Khomeini, and then stealing the Iranian funds so garnered to give to far-right Central American death squads, and then lying about all this to Congress. The Congress in the Constitution controls the budget. The Congress had cut off money to the rightwing death squads supported by Reagan and henchmen like Abrams. This elaborate criminal conspiracy inside the White House was the Right's response. They shredded the Constitution (and ever since have been calling their critics "unpatriotic.")

Links from Juan Cole's Post ::

BUSH ADMINISTRATION GUILTY OF STRATEGIC "MALPRACTICE" ON IRAN - EXPERT - Kamal Nazer Yasin 11/16/06 - A EurasiaNet Q&A with Flynt Leverett

Flynt Leverett Blasts White House National Security Council Censorship of Former White House Officials Critical of Bush Policies - December 16, 2006

Neocons: We expected Israel to attack Syria - 12.16.06
- Among the few remaining neocons is David Wurmser, an advisor for Vice President Dick Cheney on Middle Eastern affairs. Wurmser is a Middle East expert, just like his wife, Israeli Meyrav Wurmser, a researcher at the conservative Hudson Institute.

Continue Reading at Informed Comment...

A compilation of excerpts of articles detailing Abrams disgrace in the Iran-Contra Affair.   Very informative...

(The Grinch and Elliott Abrams. Separated at birth?) - By: Christy Hardin Smith at FireDogLake

Update :: 12/19/2006 PM   - The WaPo has another article that came out today concerning this issue...

Ex-NSC Official Says White House Is Stifling His Criticism of Iran Policy

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