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» Wednesday, December 20, 2006

NeoCon Family

Mafioso Politico...

Documenting the history of who and where the NeoCons were and how they all played their role in the near destruction of our country.   This primary list is from the signatory of the PNAC Letter to Bill Clinton that begged him to go to war with Saddam.   Many of these players are or have been working from within the Bush Administration and the rest are powerful figures in the D.C. BeltWay.

Name Current
Elliott Abrams Ass NSC Adv link link link
Richard L. Armitage frmr Dep Sec State link link link
William J. Bennett NeoCon link link link
Jeffrey Bergner Lobbyist PNAC link link link
John Bolton UnEmployed link link link
Paula Dobriansky Under Sec State link link link
Francis Fukuyama Johns Hopkins SAIS link link link
Robert Kagan Carnegie Endowment link link link
Zalmay Khalilzad frmr Amb Iraq link link link
William Kristol Weekly Standard link link link
Richard Perle AEI link link link
Peter W. Rodman Ass Sec Def link link link
Donald Rumsfeld UnEmployed link link link
William Schneider, Jr. Def Science Board link link link
Vin Weber NED link link link
Paul Wolfowitz World Bank link link link
R. James Woolsey frmr CIA Dir link link link
Robert B. Zoellick frmr Dep Sec Def link link link

The above are Signatory to the PNAC Letter To Clinton       IndyVoice PNAC Letter

Name Current
Henry Kissinger War Criminal link link link
Dick Cheney V.P. of Torture link link link
Lynne Cheney Author of 'Sisters' link link link
I. Lewis Libby frmr CoS to V.P. link link link
Stephen Hadley NSC Adv. link link NNDB
John Negroponte D.N.I. DHS link link link
Douglas Feith frmr Under Sec Def link link link
Joe Lieberman I-CT Senate link link link
Irving Kristol NeoCon link link link
Michael A. Ledeen NeoCon link link link
David Wurmser M.E. Adv to V.P. link link link
Meyrav Wurmser Hudson Institute link link link
Eliot Cohen SAIS link link link
Dan Quayle frmr V.P. link link link
Newt Gingrich NutCase link link link
Midge Decter Author link link link
Norman Podhoretz Hudson Institute link link link
Kenneth Adelman Def Policy Brd link link link
John Lehman 911 Comm link link NNDB
American Israel Public Affairs Committee link link link
Committee on the Present Danger link link link
American Enterprise Institute link link link
National Endowment for Democracy link link link
Coalition for a Democratic Majority link link link
Committee for the Free World link link link
Social Democrats USA link link link
Project for the New American Century link link link
Ethics and Public Policy Center link link link
Hudson Institute link link link

RightWeb Profile List       SourceWatch NeoCon List

NNDB Searchable DataBase       Political Friendster

Media Transparency Biographies

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