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» Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Politicians On Parade

The Election Changed Little For Them...      It may have changed things less than the Democrats want us to believe also.   As icing on the cake, Reyes who Pelosi chose over the Blue Dog Harman Hawk stated yesterday that he thinks we can do a better job at Whack a Mole if we send just 20 or 30 thousand more troops to eliminate the militias.

I'm tellin ya we have to watch all these sumbitches like an eagle.   Once they get their foot in the Capitol they slam the door on the voters that put them there.

The talk of more troops, even more disgusting when coming from a Democrat, is proof of not even understanding what is going on in Iraq on the ground.   The true number of people we have on the ground over there is just now coming to light.   The quoted article below states that we have around 100,000 contractors in Iraq.   This number is counting what Haliburton is telling us as the truth.   Something we know we can not count on under any circumstance.   They say they have about 50,000 but since this study is just beginning to turn in hard data, that figure could change.

So if we figure there are, say, half of that number in support positions to actual troops we have on the ground what used to be considered a contingent of approximately 200,000 (maybe more) man army in Iraq.   Thus by factoring in the armed security contractors, the number of guns on the ground may reach close to a quater million...   Now...

Someone please tell me how 20 or 30 thousand more is going to make any difference whatsoever...
Census Counts 100,000 Contractors in Iraq

There are about 100,000 government contractors operating in Iraq, not counting subcontractors, a total that is approaching the size of the U.S. military force there...

What is happening to our soldiers when they return is as disgraceful as the treatment Vietnam Vets endured after their return home.   It looks like a regime that so heavily relies on the grunts to fight their immoral and pre-emptively illegal wars would at least honor their service by at least trying to take care of them once they survived the battle field of horrors that the NeoCon War Mongers have put them through...

Soldiers Say Army Ignores, Punishes Mental Anguish

Army studies show that at least 20 percent to 25 percent of the soldiers who have served in Iraq display symptoms of serious mental-health problems, including depression, substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
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