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» Friday, January 05, 2007

The Pelosi

The Firts 100 Seconds... Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House - 2007

ƒç This was just about as much fun getting thru as it was looking forward to it...   ( invokes shit eating grin )   Poor little whining Republicans...   ( rolls in floor laughing my ass off )   First it was my favorite peace mom taking the mic away from the DCCC mouthpiece and delivered a crystal clear message that the Dems are under the microscope and that she and many of us who elected the new wave expect a clean sweep of the criminality of Bush.   Period.

There will be plenty of time to evaluate the new wave performance in the days to come so I want to mention here some of the more jovial happenings of the day.   Perhaps the most bitter-sweet moment of the day was when it was announced that Charles Rangel had kicked the Dick Cheney out of his commandeered office in the House Ways and Means Committee office when Clinton - Cheneythe Cheney Administration took office.   Actually it made a lot of sense because you know the Republicans were not going to use the tax writing committee for anything for the duration of their reign.   First he had to swear in all those new Dems and then the public finds out he was kicked out of his office...   And to top it all off, he gets fingered by Clinton, all in the same day...   ( BWHAhahahaha... )

Ellison - GoodeNext on the agenda was the meeting of two worlds when Virgil Goode had to shake hands with Keith Ellison.   ( grin... )   It was just the video clip with no audio but it was so cool to see the big shit eating grin on Ellison's face the whole time he was shaking Virgil up and slapping him on the shoulder...   Virgil's back was to the camera the whole time but I bet he was as white as his KKK headpiece.   ( snicker... )

Well...   That's about it as far as milking the humor out of "The Pelosi" or better known as the "First 100 Hours".   There were several disturbing revelations coming out today, one of which was the fact of Bush's signing statement concerning reading American's mail.   As you may note I have not taken the time to link to any of these happenings today.   That is because I have been sick for a week and had to go to the doctor today.   I will be getting my strength back shortly and will try to come back and find the links to these tidbits...

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