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» Monday, January 22, 2007

Sate of the Onion

Peel Back Another Layer...

ƒc Just like peeling a layer of skin off an onion, each new day reveals a new look at the arrogance, lies and corruption that is George W. Bush's State of the Union.   Not since Nixon have more people dissaproved of our president.   With good reason...

We can expect more of the same from the little cowboy's speech tomorrow night.   Even as we see extensive cosmetic changes in personnel, the bubble is still quite intact.   It feeds still the corporatistic fascism and hubris that is the lifeblood of the narcissistic megalomaniac and it will not go away even after he has been removed from power...

How many more must die for Bush's lies...?

Who's son or daughter, wife or husband will be the last to die for Bush's lies...?

Take a stand...   Make your voices heard...   Sign the Petitions at NeoAlertz and Anti War Politics.   Contact your lawmakers today...


Update :: CBS Poll: Bush Approval Rating At New Low
On Eve Of State Of Union, President's Approval Rating Falls To 28%, A New Low

ABC News / Washington Post Poll
Approve Disapprove Catagory
33% 65% Job Performance
29% 71% Headed In Wrong Direction
34% 64% Iraq War a Mistake
28% 72% Military Has Been Harmed By Bush
30% 70% Bush Has No Clear Plan For Iraq
52% 48% Withdraw Troops From Iraq
55% 45% Block Plan For Surge
57% 27% Follow The Democrats Lead
Bush Personal Attributes
42% 65% Bush Can't Be Trusted In A Crisis
45% 75% Is A Strong Leader
44% 65% Made The Country Safer
40% 71% Is Honest and Trustworthy
36% 49% Listens To Other Viewpoints
32% 61% Understands Your Problems

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