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» Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Iraq Leads Condi Follows

No Choice But To Tag Along, I suspect...

ƒc Has her power become so strong that she has actually convinced "The Decider" that he better get up off his ass and do something or the Middle East and it's oil is going to hell in a hand-basket...   I imagine it is more likely that she is having to drag the screaming little cowboy back into reality.   It's not very likely that he has made such a rational decision on his own...   I may have to quit marking up the side of the newspaper with "NeoCon" every time I see her name...   Well...   May have to reserve judgment on that one for a while... (visions of mushroom clouds keep poppin' into my mind) U.S. Will Join Talks With Iran And Syria
Rice Announces Policy Shift as Iraq Plans Conferences

The United States agreed yesterday to join high-level talks with Iran and Syria on the future of Iraq, an abrupt shift in policy that opens the door to diplomatic dealings the White House had shunned in recent months despite mounting criticism.

"I would note that the Iraqi government has invited all of its neighbors, including Syria and Iran, to attend both of these regional meetings," Rice told the Senate Appropriations Committee.

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She also told this same committee that she didn't know why the Iraqi were not spending the ten billion dollars we gave them for reconstruction.   I imagine they look at it like we are the ones who shock-n-awed the place to hell and back so we are the ones who are gonna have to pay for fixin' it...   They may have done some research and found out how we treated red people (Native Americans) and decided they shouldn't let brown people get treated the same way.   I wonder if Condi got the term "Indian Giver" laid on her...   When ya think about it, we have been really big on giving away money in Iraq for the last four years... [Including Arming Al-Queda (you know - the ones who are killin' our people) with help from the Family Saud]   That ten billion may be the only money in Iraq that is not buying guns and bullets that end up killin' our folks...

Just about the time you think they have turned the corner on their Idiot-ology, up jumps the devil and they sink to newer and more devious lows...   How low can these people get...?   Somebody needs to throw the little cowboy a rope...   Does Condi have the ass to dig her boot heels into the sands of Mesopotamia and pull them all out of the hole the NeoCons have dug for them...?   Story Developing...

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