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» Sunday, February 18, 2007

Senate White Flags

The Senate's Republicans... NO-TO-BUSH

ƒc We have compiled a list of Republican in the House who have stood up and said NO-TO-BUSH.   We now have a list in the Senate that have done so also.

As John Murtha has stated and re(d)-stated several times over that this is not the vote that counts.   The one that counts is the first one to start taking power from the megalomaniac in the White House.


We will only see America turning a corner when Congress truely and not just symbolically says ::


A point all the WingNuts keep forgetting is stated by Instaputz regarding the attacks on Murtha.   So quickly do they foget after a nationally voted mandate for change that the real American Body Politic also says ::

The Senate's White Flag Republicans
John Warner (Virginia)
Norm Coleman (Minnesota)
Arlen Specter (Pennsylvania)
Chuck Hagel (Nebraska)
Gordon Smith (Oregon)
Susan Collins (Maine)
Olympia Snowe (Maine)

The true tests of the Republicans willing to stand up for America will start to take place when the legislation in binding.   Then and only then will the truth to power be raised proudly back to the rule of law.   The majority of the people of this great nation have spoken.   It is time for Congress to do it's job and return to the people the power to set the course.   For six long years a small wingnut minority has run rampant without control.   It is time to start taking the first real legislative steps to take that control back...   Now...

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