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» Sunday, March 18, 2007

Profits of War

From Cheney With Love...War Profits

ƒcMike Luckovich just about has it right in his weekly cartoon.   One of the stories that got battered beneath the radar this last week was the story about Halliburton moving its corporate headquarters to Dubai.   It is understandable that interest in the sensational is the money maker in the M$M and flashing Abu and Wilson in our face has taken the spotlight.

In the case of Halliburton there are several aspects with this move that are troublesome.   The National Security issue centering on their no-bid military support contracts and in depth knowledge of the inner workings of our military being primary.   Also quite interestingly is the prospect that their CEO and others would be out of limits to our justice system which would be a convenient way to avoid subpoenas concerning fraud and mismanagement in the government contract works in Iraq.

Nick Anderson's cartoon is an ironic look back in history at the coronation of King George   [Technorati]   and President Cheney.   They both ruled in grand style with hardly a whimper from the CON-gress or the mindless masses of Ma and Pa America's huddled in their 'give a $hit' - 'long as it don't affect my life, I don't care' mode.   Thanks mainly to the rubber stamp congress their unadulterated spending and killing spree was funded and approved at every step for four years.

It is time for accountability and the New Wave 110th U.S. Congress has the ability and the mandate to stop the NeoCon War Machine.   I know I should be patient but it has been a hard struggle since 2004 when I could no longer tollerate the injustices being done to our nation and our constitution.   Who will be the last to die for Bush's lies...?

Torture, Treason, Corruption, Lies and Incompetence...   . . . Known by their works :: • The Republicans 2000 - 2008

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