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» Tuesday, March 13, 2007


If a lie is a crime, Bush is a master criminal...

ƒc It's the cover-up, Stupid...   Well it's being stupid when you cover-up that is the hallmark of the Bush Administration.   The NeoCons who could not shoot straight.   The Republicans who sold their soul to the Devil when whitewashing over the first six years of scandals from the Karl Rove Dirty Political Tricks Handbook.   Cheney the Co-President constantly doing his "Bagdad Bob" routine for the Faux News 23%ers.   The unindicted co-conspirators, The Main Stream Media who fell right in step with the war drums and the lies that started them a thumpin' and turned a blind eye to the logical and rational reasons not to pre-impetively invade nations with sovereigninity ...

PurgeGate is just now developing into a full scale "Katrina" for the little cowboy.   The lies and deceit are being lined up one after the other in what will be a domino effect when the tipping point is reached.   How many of the neocon-rustler's men will fall eventually is the only question.   [Technorati] Torquemada Gonzales lied to Congress...   He's toast...   Torquemada's chief of staff [Technorati] D. Kyle Sampson fell on his sword yesterday.   He's toast...   [Technorati] Domenici and Wilson are caught in blatent obstruction of justice.   They are toast...   And the band played on, PurgeGate :: a catchy tune [Technorati] written by Harriet Miers, with a slow tempo to start with but it's pickin' up in the latest stanzas now baby...   It's easy to dance to, it's got those little neocon tootsies just a twitchin'...   Story Developing ...

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