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» Thursday, December 07, 2006

Two Years of Blogging

First Post - Dec 7th 2004... ƒàτçàτ ρòlìτìçš       Those first few months were very eventful after having lost the 2004 Presidential Election to Bush, again.   December was filled with coverage of Voter Fraud 2004.   January came the fight for Social Security and the Gonzales nomination.   The Indy 500 Weblogs were created as the first No-To-Torture :: No-To-Gonzales webroots activism to stop his nomination.   Of course we did not prevail and now Torture is just another foreign policy tool associated with our country.

February came GannonGate and all the homosexual inuendo thrown at the White House.   The beginning of the end for Tom DeLay begain in March.   The end of March saw the end of the Terri Schaivo tradegy with Terri Schaivo - Rest In Peace.

April saw the FEC Project to regulate political bloggers along with the FCC Rules To Stop Fake News.   The Denver 3 and the Fake Townhall Meetings surfaced shortly before the christian terrorists celebrated Justice Sunday.

May saw the Downing Street Memo and shortly afterwards the creation of After Downing and the Big Brass Alliance which are still very active today in the efforts to Impeach Bush and Cheney.

As you can see from the beginnings I made at blogging, the truth was beginning to come out as to how Bush had lied his way into a preemptive war that was morally wrong and completely unjustified.   It is a shame that it took two more years from those days in 2004 until a major congressional defeat in 2006 to start to bring about substantive change.   At least we are now on the long hard road to fixing things here as well as in the Middle East.

Some of my liberal friends might think I am a little too hard on the wingnuts.   To my friends I would only say that I am only hard on ignorance and blind faith in any politician or those who blindly support or enable them.   To the wingnuts I will add that I am not here to present topics for debate.   I am here to present information to people who are intelligent enough to see how badly this country has been led.   And for those who are willing to stand up with me and demand that the criminal cabal in the White House be brought to justice.   For the sake of our country and all it's people we must remain active and vocal.   There is no other way...   - fc

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