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» Monday, February 28, 2005

Plot To Kill Bush

  Torture and Rendition involved?  
  Related link   ::   ::   Taegan Goddard's Political Wire  

News Flash : Bush Stops an Assination Attempt. (Smoke & Mirrors ensue)

A link from Political Wire this morning led to a Washington Times article (which I will not link to here for personal reasons) that states that this person was involved with an attempt to kill President Bush.   It states also that he will be going to court tomorrow (rather quickly I may add).   A friend sums it up better than I can :
 Anna at Political Hardball  This "plot" is almost 2 years old. The Saudis have been torturing him since he was arrested in 2003. They brought him back here so suddenly because his family had filed a lawsuit asking the government to explain why they were holding him and the court had ruled there was circumstantial evidence to show the government had knowingly and deliberately rendered him to the Saudis to be tortured. Since they had nothing to refute this with in a brief, they brought him back instead and charged him with the "plot to assassinate Bush" - he hadn't been charged with ANYTHING before that. If you needed to have an acceptable reason for torturing somebody in a Saudi prison for 2 years, what would be most likely to get people's attention and sympathy - just another "bomb plot" or a "plot to assassinate the president"? Of course, it was also convenient that it could be used as a major distraction from Jeff Gannon - they always seem to be able to come up with something just when it's needed the most!

» Saturday, February 26, 2005

Velvel on National Affairs

  Torture and Rendition  
  Related link   ::   ::   Dean Velvel's Blog  
Lawrence Velvel, Dean of the University of Michigan Law School has joined the blogosphere to voice his personal opinion concerning Torture condoned by the present U.S. Administration and other legal issues.   On his blog, Velvel on National Affairs he takes positions and responds to readers.   There are several interesting articles.   It is well worth the read.   He left me a personal comment here on my blog and asked to be added to my mirror of the 'no-to-gonzales' blogroll list, which I did.   I also added his blog to the new entries on my political links page.   His site was so impressive I decided to add this post so that more people may have the chance to visit his blog. - fc

» Thursday, February 24, 2005

2004 Koufax Awards List

  2004 Koufax Awards  
  Related link   ::   ::   wampum  
  Best Blog – Non-Sponsored Division  
Daily KOS 2002 and 2003 by Atrios’ Eschaton
Honorable Mention - 2004
Angry Bear Ignatz Decembrist
  Best Blog – Pro Division  
Talking Points Memo   by Josh Marshall 2002 Talking Points Memo
  Best Writing  
by Digby
2002 Body and Soul
by Jeanne D’Arc
2003 Wiskey Bar
by Billmon
  Best Post  
If America Were Iraq, What Would it be Like
by Juan Cole
Informed Comment
2002 - Al Gore and the Alpha Girls
by Jim Capozzola
Rittenhouse Review
2003 - What a Tangled Web We Weave
by Billmon
Whiskey Bar
Honorable Mention - Best Post - 2004
Just Go
by Riverbend
Baghdad Burning
  Exit Interview
by Tbogg
  Best Series - Co-Winners 

2004 - Co-Winner

The Rise of Pseudo-Fascism
by David Neiwert

2004 - Co-Winner

Cheers and Jeers
by Bill at Daily Kos Dairies
Bill in Portland Maine

2002 - Trent Lott
by Atrios
2003 - Rush, Newspeak and Facism
by David Neiwert
  Best Group Blog  
MyDD 2003 by Daily KOS
  Most Humerous Blog  
Jesus’ General
by J.C. Christian
2002 Fanatical Apathy 2003 TBogg
  Most Humerous Post  
Poker with Dick Cheney
by the Poorman
the Poorman
2002 - Parody of Peggy Noonan
by Jim Capozzola
2003 - Preznit, Giv me turkee
by Atrios
Honorable Mention - Most Humerous Post - 2004
Second Night
by Michael Bérubé
Michael Bérubé
  What Kerry Should Say, Part 2
by The Rude Pundit
The Rude Pundit
  Best Expert Blog  
Informed Comment
by Juan Cole
2003 by Informed Comment
by Juan Cole
  Best Single Issue Blog 

2004 - Co-Winner
Talk Left
by Jeralyn Merritt

2004 - Co-Winner
Grits for Breakfast
by Scott Henson
2002 - 2003
Talk Left
by Jeralyn Merritt
  Best New Blog  
Mouse Words
by Amanda Marcotte
Roger Ailes
by Roger Ailes
Kicking Ass
by DNC
Honorable Mention - 2004
James Walcott Michael Bérubé Brad Blog
  Most Deserving of Wider Recongition  
Suburban Guerrilla 2003
South Knox Bubba
Honorable Mention - 2004
Dohiyi Mir Majikthise
  Best Commenter  
Liberal Street Fighter
- Meteor Blades
- Digby
Seeing The Forest
- John Emerson - aka Zizka
Honorable Mention - 2004     Dohiyi Mir - NTodd

» Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Social Security Deals? - Just Say No!

  Is a dem gonna make a deal?

10:50 am 02-23-2005  

  We need to watch them like a hawk...

  from American Prospect...   link  

Democrats are winning this fight, and should accept nothing less than surrender. Once the GOP has given up on phasing out the plan, we can either start a serious conversation about finding a balanced approach to Social Security reform, or else move on to addressing more pressing fiscal issues. Until then, trying to compromise with a party that knows no procedural or ethical restraints on its conduct and that's led by a president who's apparently hell-bent on destroying Social Security is a losing deal.

  Stay Informed...  

A good place to start is my 'no to gonzales vote list.   It has the ones who said no and the ones who said 'yes' also.   It also has all the new listings for the senators websites.   It is Here.   Dr Laniac's List is here.
- fc


» Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Bush secret tapes

  Mr Wead talks with the shrub

1:10 pm 02-20-2005  

  Is this cover for GannonGate - (It's Bush's ManDate - Stupid...)

The Bush secret tapes · By Daily KOS · 02.19.05
In Secretly Taped Conversations, Glimpses of the Future President · 02.20.05
As God Is His Witness · By Ayelish McGarvey · The American Prospect · 10.19.04
Bush, in Secret Tapes, Weighed Religion, Behavior, Times Says · Bloomberg · 02.20.05

» Friday, February 18, 2005

Negroponte - Nicaraguan Contras - U.N. - Iraq - NID

Nicaraguan Contras - U.N. - Iraq - NID

2:00 am 02-17-2005  

Websites with more information

press confr transcriptforeign
daily KOSnegroponte fact center
baltimore sun investigationwikipedia - negroponte
demopedia - negropontedemopedia - nicaraguan contras
center for media & democracy - 02.17.05nationmaster - negroponte - Feb 2005
mary knoll derechos - negroponte
pbs newshour - January 31, 2005counterpunch - June 4, 2004
american prospect - April 18, 2004z-net's z-mag - May 03, 2004
faux news w/ chris wallace - 01.24.05democracy now - May 7th, 2004
common dreams - 2001buzzflash - April 27, 2004
afro cuba web - Aug 2001global research
may I speak freelynoam chomsky - April 29, 2004
faux news w/ chris wallace - 01.24.05hosted 'ask the white house'
us - iraq embassyletter to un - 9/11/2001

» Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Batesline threatened by 'Tulsa World'

  Old Media Power vs New Media Power

1:10 pm 02-16-2005  

Tulsa newspaper threatens blogger

Batesline, a conservative blog has recieved a threatening letter to stop using parts or all of the Tulsa World newspater's copyright content and to stop linking (deep linking - links to specific articles).   The Indy-Weblogs community along with Atrios and Dr Laniac have activated to respond to this situation.   Unlike many right-wing fanatics who isolate and try to inhibit our freedom, I feel that I should support Mr Bates in general principle regarding fair use and rights to internet linking.   It is also steeped in the first amendment rights of free speech and a free press.   The power of the 'Old Media' is being challenged by bloggers and they don't like it.   Tough!   That is the reality of the 21st century.   Bloggers are here to stay and have accepted the new power that we hold to make a difference.
- fc


» Sunday, February 13, 2005


  Guckert-Gannon Controversy
3:20 pm 02-26-2005  
Bright red links added since original post.

Websites with more information

slaughter calls for special prosecutorPropaGannon: Bryan Suits
america blogGannon Controversy - Daily KOS
petition for special prosecutoreditors interview gannon
Loose 'Gannon'McClellan Knew 'Gannon' Was Guckert
'Gannon' FodderDelay and Gannon?
'bloggers' rewriting rulesDems Want Investigation
Fake reporter unmaskedCourt-TV about Gannon links Reporter Quits - Howard Kurtz
Lautenberg Requests Gannon Documents Fake news, fake reporter - Salon
Reporter quits over scrutiny - Boston GlobeLoose 'Gannon' - Alternet
reporter quits under scrutinyScandal in the Press Corps
Gannon's 'Conservative Guy' biographygannon updated his websites
the raw storytalon news
"Jeff Gannon" EXPOSED!(guckert)gannon's debts

Condi Lied

  Why is MSM not acting on this?

2:20 pm 02-13-2005  

Pergury Charges are in order.

Websites with more information

condi lied - Daliy KOS clarke memo on al-queda
blogsnow list of 'condi lied' sitesblogpulse list of 'condi lied' sites
boxer vindicated: rice liedmemo urged rice to meet on al-qaeda
9/11 Report Cites Many Warnings Memo warned of Al Qaeda
condi under oath US al-Qaeda warning revealed

» Saturday, February 12, 2005

'No-To-Gonzales' Vote List

  U.S. Senate Vote on Gonzales

4:32 pm 02-12-2005  

These are the democtrats that voted Republican

'No-To-Gonzales' Vote List on my links page     Dr Laniac's List
These are the democtrats that voted for torture because evidently they want to suck up to Bush for some reason.
Mary L. Landrieu - Louisiana's naive statement,   Joe Lieberman - Connecticut,   Ben Nelson - Nebraska,   Bill Nelson - Florida,   Mark Pryor - Arkansas,   Ken Salazar - Colorado pre-vote statement.


» Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Depleted Uranium

  Radioactive Warfare

8:32 pm 02-09-2005  

Thanks to my friend Cromwell at 'Political Hardball' for some links

    What is weaponized uranium oxide gas? It's any high velocity bullet or shell, any High Explosive Bomb or missile made with uranium metal. The uranium components turn into uranium oxide gas after the high velocity bullet or shell penetrates anything solid and explodes, as much as 80% of it ignites, burns, and aerosolizes into tiny, tiny radioactive pieces and floats in the air as a gas, blown about by the wind. They can stay airborne for years and be re-suspended for years, over and over again.   Missiles and bombs that explode as planned are blasted into uranium gas by the bomb's high explosive (HE). Pretty simple really. Once the uranium metal is worked into the business end of a bullet, tank shell, bomb, or missile the uranium oxide gas is "weaponized," and ready to go.

Depleted Uranium Information

Depleted Uranium"Poison Fire, USA" - Russell Hoffman
Depleted uranium: - Moretworld depleted uranium conference"
American Free Press - C. Bollyntraprock peace - DU Links
Criminal World - axis of logic3 questions about DU - TrapRock Peace
D.U. Education ProjectGulf War Illness Office - D.U
D.U. Fed of Am ScientistsGulf War Illness Office
D.U. - BBC - ukD.U. - The Silver Bullet
D.U. - Sunday HeraldD.U. - The World Health Org
BetterWorldLinks - D.U.Traprock Misleads Public
Safety and D.U.Am Nuclear Scociety Links

» Tuesday, February 08, 2005

'No-To-Bush' List

  Those who dare say 'No-To-Bush'

8:32 am 02-06-2005  

I have been very busy with re-doing my political links page to include the 'no-to-gonzales' blogroll list. It occured to me that we need to start publisizing a 'no-to-bush' list. That is a list of people who are standing up to bush, including many republicans in the last week or so. If we promote people who have the guts to stand up to this administration it can benefit everyone, democrat and republican. Those who stood up to rice and said no, publicly and on the record... will be added to the Ones who said no to Gonzales.

« My 'No-To-Bush' List »

'No-To-Rice' --- 'No-To-Bush'

Akaka - email senator akaka
Bayh - bayh WebMail1
Akaka - email senator akaka
Boxer - boxer senate webform
Byrd - byrd senate email
Dayton - dayton senate email
Durbin - durbin senate contact

Harkin - harkin senate contact
Jeffords - jeffords senate contact-form
Kennedy - kennedy senate contact
Kerry - kerry senate contact
Lautenberg - lautenberg senate webform
Levin - levin senate contact
Reid - reid senate email_form


» Friday, February 04, 2005

'Indy 500' Blogroll

  Recommended Reading

8:23 pm 02-08-2005  

The 'No-To-Gonzales' blogroll was developed from a simple list of websites that opposed Alberto Gonzales' nomination for Attorney General.   There are 555 blogs on the list now, including mine.   There is a mailing list that all the bloggers are hooked into that makes very fascinating reading.   A lot of ideas getting tossed around with good things bound to come from it.   A forum is being set up by the newsfare webmaster with details before long.
As a result of this new activity there are some updates on several sections of the political links page.   There are some new links in the 'Current Issues' section.   I have also added a few links to the Dedicated Iraq Resources page.   Please take the time to check out my 'Indy 500' Blogroll List. -fc
newsfare blogrollmy blogroll - mirror
Daily KOSnewsfare

» Wednesday, February 02, 2005

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